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Izzati // 19 // Polytechnic Balik Pulau // Programming // Penang // Polyglotism // EDM/s fans
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Sunday, 3 April 2016 | 0 comments

Hai semua. kali post luahan dalam hati je. sepanjang dahh habis sekolah ni, aku baca segala pengalaman dan macam2 lagi untuk ke peringkat universiti atau kolej2. and most of things i've made research. But ada lah perkara yang aku nak tahu dan nak tanya. dah beberapa aku tanya mahasiswi di universiti melalui facebook but they all gave me only 'last seen' i waited like 2 months but they only gave that 'seen' . At least kalau sibuk sangat balas lah. don't make people waiting too long . Sorry to all seniors2. ini hanya luahan saja. I know not all seniors like that :) So no worries! xx . I was just asking the questions that i really wanted to know and not a simple question but very vital question but why you guys cant answer it in nicely way? Kalau macam tu sombong sangat, tak payah la jadi mahasiswi. If me, I will answer in nicely way to the people under my age who asking me the questions even aku busy sekali pun, I'll answer to them who needs help. Kalau tak nak tolong, cakap tak nak tolong. senang. To people, don't be so agnorant to others ok it's not good :) Even you're busy as fuck, at least tell them that you're busy . Is it hard? No right.  Maaf kepada semua yang terasa dengan post ini. Not to hurt people feelings. just my thoughts xx

I hope I will find nice people and making friends with different races, religions, skin and people all around the world. They help people well. Sad to see own race like this. :/ 

Izzati <3