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Izzati // 19 // Polytechnic Balik Pulau // Programming // Penang // Polyglotism // EDM/s fans
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Sudah semester 4! *shocked*
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 | 0 comments

Hai semua! Its been ages again i am not updating my blog. Last I updated was 26 december 2016. Now oredi 22/6/2017. Tbh this year is super quick . Plus this month is a fasting month. 3 days more to celebrate Eidul Fitri! How excited! well i feel not so excuted when i feel so teenager haha. back then , I was so so so excited when it comes to Raya! DUIT RAYA! I got  alot of duit raya around rm200. Most amount was around rm400! That was since kid, but now hahahaha rm100 also cannot reach. As you know, I am studying Programming in Polytechnic Balik Pulau. Thats my own state which is Penang. Now guess what, I am in semester 4 oredi! No repeats papers. Alhamdullilah... Last Semester 3 I got very satisfied result. Alhamdullilah.. But this Semester 4  i wanna stay for 4 flat. Or little less than 4 flat. So i need to work harder than before. When i was semester 1 and 2. I havent study much though. so the pointer was not good for me. Lets challenge it! I will tell my results next ok? :) 

About the course, it's all about IT. well Programming. we create code. Ive no idea whether it's hard or not. But myself. it's just medium. I wanna be apps developer. Amin!! Right now, i am learning HTML/javascript. It seems like blog coding. quite interesting! :D

Experiences in Polytechnic were a lot. Friends here are all kind but well everyone's attitudes are different. But it's their's right. But it's alright at least we don't make them. treat kind to them is enough actually. No more fighting this semester. well when i was semester. we havent known each other yet so got a bit arguments around people, but soon by soon is already fine:) It happened because we don't know them yet. i am not too kind and too bad. I am just ordinary and looking so simple. But hey! we all equal and we are friend :D 

I am taking 6 subjects for this semester. 

Semester 4 :
1. English
2. Pendidikan Islam
3. Digital Multimedia
4. Web Designer
5. Human Computer Interaction
6. Integrative Programming & Technologies.

Pointer/GPA of 3 semesters
Semester 1 : 2.98
Semester 2 : 3.26
Semester 3 : 4.00

I am so glad, eventhough not so good. ;)

Korang semua dah beli baju raya? My baju raya tahun ni warna hijau. Ada geng takk? hehe :D I will try to upload the raya's pics in this blog soon. dan SELAMAT HARI RAYA . Minta maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa, hati sebab feels like banyak mengutuk orang tahun ni :'D Hope this kinda things will less occur. 


Finished Diploma for Semester 1
Monday, 26 December 2016 | 0 comments
Hi people! its been ages! 6 months I left this blog! Hahaha what a long time! So yeah proudly to say I finished my semester 1 but the processed before was the heck .

About environment, My polytechnic was in Penang which is in my state also. But there is in the island while my hometown is in the mainland.  My poly isn't located in city but in village, it's hard to go the city because i don't have any transport :P I always rented a car to go out the poly to buy needed things. I ever went to the clinic using a bike . My lecturer's bike! Just use whenever you want because hes so kind! :D The night market also far from my Poly! Ugh... But there's also has Makcik RM2 which means the makcik can rent her van and you need to pay RM2. but if you far you need to pay more lah! On sem break, I go back to my house and when i come back to Poly I tumpang makcik RM2 tu la hahaha because i tired la to Poly jalan kaki lel. So sweat ing hahaha . it's truth!

About lecturers and course. Well the course im taking right now is IT (Programming) but now it's called Digital Technology. It's quite hard plus i'm the freshman with this course ey ofcourse i feel sth like this! Tak faham apa langsung major ni weh! xD When the semester 1 , I understand only The Computer Arhictecture which is my favourite subject! I so like! than Programming Fundamentals. Tbh I feel stressed with this course because it's still new me. Im not a fast learner. Just sometimes. I'm so fcking afraid the upcoming result soon (T_T) I feel like I wanna cry. Yeah everyones doesnt want to repeat paper ? So am i. But I just tawakal because I did the best. Amin for that!